Sunday, December 28, 2008

Photo Challenge - White

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

See other white tones in here.

Christmas’ Shoes...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Relationships are just like journeys. Some are short. Others are long-lasting. Some are fruitful, rich. Others are painful and “effervescent”. Some have a destination. Others are tightly wrapped. Trustful ones. Kinky ones. Plain or empty ones. They all exist. Moreover, there are many “love affairs” that finish right on the eve of happy holidays. Still, I am not capable to explain this phenomenon. But I've noticed that. Santa Claus, the old man with rosy cheeks, bombastic belly and swollen nose brings a pair of shoes for everyone. You may receive a pair of shining, glazed, charming boots. Or you may be gifted with a pair of discolored shoes with no heel pieces, no sole, no decorations, no spark. The heaviest and the XXXL-st you have ever seen!

- What now? Who's the culprit? Why me?

Yes, I know. Separation is like a little death. It is very painful, burning, awful when you see your heart breaking and can't heal it. You feel weak. Exhausted. The tumultuous avalanche of feelings, agony and torment of love strangulate every millimeter of your body and mind. In fact, you can trundle and trample your suffering, emotions and sentiments... but not your Dignity. Never!

- “Damn it! What dignity? I love him!” will shriek a lot of you.
- You do! He - doesn't! Any more questions?

Dignity is like a skeleton. A bundle of bones that must be kept always vertically. By all means. That's the ingredient you need the most for bringing into being a durable and beautiful love-story. And if you leave it to break down, bid farewell to your happiness. Terrible, isn't it? Oh yes! Especially when you wake up too late surrounded by 12 yawning cats, 13 fluffy dogs and dozens of talkative parrots that imitate in unison the ring of an old-fashioned telephone.
Now, from that moment when you hear “We must separate! I don't love you anymore”, “I have another woman”, this is it. You proudly raise your mandible from the table without spelling a word. Then you delicately take your handbag, look in the mirror, you sensually “paint” your lips with that red glittered lipstick. You strive to boldly claim “Thank you!” like a real lady and gently close the door. Be a real heroine! A real Jeanne d’Arc! Don’t let him notice a tear in your eyes! Pass by a few bus stations and then start crying. Cry in all tonalities and volumes available. Let your coat generously tremble on you! Don’t be ashamed of those 200 pairs of eyes that goggle at you! Cry, baby! Cry me a river! Otherwise you may face a “delectable” infarct!

Another option is to call all your friends. Just to lament. Cry. Laugh. You dispose of an hour to make your fellows be well up in your emotional catastrophe and then let them entertain you. Let the celebration start! You will fall asleep with a happy mood and the idea of Armageddon will not torture you… until morning at least…

Disappear from his life! Forever- ever!

No more emails, calls, letters imbued with ocular secretions, no more research, investigation and you'd better leave the opera glasses of your grandmother in that cupboard. Be absent, passive...He will be really intrigued. The fact that you are not available anymore for him shows that you are not interested in wasting your time on someone who doesn’t want to talk to you. That's what I call dignity. And the dignity is respected.

Make yourself comfortable and look after your own life!

Leave the pages of your relationship at Past Perfect! Don't conjugate them at conditional mood. “If I were wiser... he would be…”, “If he were less... I would...” Listen! - No, nope, no more!

Live your present and think, build future plans. There are so many things you hadn’t done just because he wasn’t willing, he didn’t like or you were afraid to not offend him with your new style, intimate haircut, friends or even voice.

But in the most awful moments... during those dull moments of internal and infernal war... (but they will be) think that you don’t deserve a man who makes you feel like that… unhappy, in love, with a swollen face and a red nose full of salted tears… I don’t think you have to try this taste! No more!

An Ordinary Day of a Man...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

To Make the Portrait of a Bird...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First paint a cage
with an open door.
Then paint
something pretty,
something simple,
something beautiful,
something useful
for the bird.
Now place the canvas against a tree
in a garden,
in a wood
or in a forest.
Hide behind the tree
without a word, without a move.
Sometimes the bird comes quickly
but it could also take long years
before she makes up her mind.
One must not get discouraged.
One must await.
If need be await years
the speed or the slowness of the arrival of bird
being utterly unrelated
to the success of the painting.
When the bird comes,
if she comes
observe the most profound silence,
wait for the bird to enter the cage
and when it is in
with the brush gently close the door
erase every single bar, one by one
being careful not to touch any of the bird's feathers.
Then make the portrait of the tree
choosing the most beautiful of its branches
for the bird.
Paint also the green foliage and the crispness of the wind,
the dust of the sun
and the noise of the grass animals in the summer heat
and then wait until the bird decides to sing.
If the bird does not sing
it is a bad sign.
Asign that the painting is bad.
But if it sings, it is a good sign.
A sign that you can sign.
Then you tear off very gently
one of the feathers of the bird
and you write your name in one of the corners of the painting.

Jaques Prevert

PS. I have no idea about your feelings at this moment - while reading these rows...
When it comes to me... These verses put a spell on me... So warm, sensible, colorful, peaceful... That's my mood today!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Success is a journey, not a destination."

Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr.

One More Candle on the Cake!

Monday, December 8, 2008

I am a big, big girl
In a big, big world...

One more year jostles the days I've lived on the Earth and comfortably lodge there,in my collection called LIFE...
It's the very time to focus on other facial creams...
One more candle on the cake...

Wishes... bouquets of roses... smiles... moments of happiness... delicious dishes... extra attention... gifts... pictures...

"Today I can be the bad girl. It's my birthday!"
"Oh, yes! Let her do that! It's her birthday!"
"Of course! We perfectly understand that! It's your birthday!"

Today I am the princess! I am the Goddess, ladies and gentlemen!
And I like this posture very much!

That happens every year, on 8th of December! The 342nd day of the year!
I love this date. I like this number. I love my parents and I am just happy for being me - a 89% Saggitarius!

Kim Basinger, Horace, Diego Rivera, Mikey Robins, Teri Lynn Hatcher, Sinead O'Connor... me... so insignificant for others, so precious for others. So little but with soooo many... dreams... And so happy!

Let your wishes come true, XOXO!

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Awards, Happiness and One More Time Happiness!

Thank you, Diver and your relaxing Deep Realm for my "Blogging Friends Forever" nomination.

Thank you, A'Jay and your dainty Realm for my "Superior Scribbler Award".

It was a very pleasant surprise for me to be appreciated by you, comrades-in-blogging - interesting, original, wise individuals "equipped" with vividness, hilarity and peace in soul.

Thank you!

Actually, I don't have too many friends whom I could reward...
From what I have...
NB. I am a very fair and objective teacher or member of jury ;)
So, to my mind, the BFF Award goes to
diver, A'Jay, angel, Marshmallow26 and Mix Mode. These people were my first visitors (first 4) and they are the most precious to me. "Friends are like wine; they get better with age." So, I prefer old wines.
Mix is failry new to my blog and I also enjoy his writings.

Now you who has received the nomination, make sure you pass it on to:

• five nominees (whose acceptance is optional);
• four of whom should be dedicated followers of your blog;
• one of whom has to be someone fairly new to your blog and live in another part of the world;
• all of whom must link back to whoever gave them the award.

The Superior Scribbler Award goes undoubtedly to diver, A'Jay and mountain girl... As sure as eggs is eggs! I really like the way they write.

This is it, ladies and gentlemen! The ribbon was cut, the nominations have been already distributed! Now, let's continue blogging bringing into being more creative moments and finery!

Good luck!

Guess the Name...

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's famous for:

with its Bran Castle, Dracula, vampires...

Nicolae Ceausescu
with his Palace of the Parliament (the largest building in Europe and the world's second largest administrative building behind the Pentagon; 10% larger by volume than the Great Pyramid of Giza)...

Nadia Elena Com─âneci
(November 12, 1961) - famous gymnast, winner of 5
Olympic gold medals...

Gheorghe Hagi
– “The Maradona of the Carpathians”, a hero in his homeland as well as in Turkey...

Gypsies who use to beg, steal and deceive ...

O-zone, ladies and gentlemen! In fact, a Moldavian pop music trio (but this country claims it 's theirs) that gained notoriety for their song "Dragostea Din Tei". One of its ex-members is Dan Balan (Crazy Loop).
NB. Rihanna sampled the song in her new hit "Live Your Life".

The bearer of death on the highway” - Dacia – the best affair (cheap and easy to maintain)...


Beautiful women...

Any ideas?!

How about their traditional costumes?

Is getting hotter and hotter in here...
What about this

And now?

One more suggestion. Today, the 1st of December is its 90th National Birthday! Ergo, all you who have friends in this country, don't forget to congratulate them!

La multi ani, Romania!