Photo Challenge - Animal

Monday, March 2, 2009

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An Italian Dessert... with Hollow Words

Love is shown in your deeds, not in your words.
Fr. Jerome Cummings

Felines vs Females

I've been always associating certain women with cats

Neat, spoiled, graceful, elegant, delicate, aggressive sometimes, playful… Often a female’s movements, gait, glance, traits of character and even actions remind me of a cute, cunning feline who likes to toy, philander, tease - a fluffy quadruped who adores being pampered, massaged, worshiped...

I’ve noticed such a behavior when it comes to a woman's sexuality and her relationship with males.
Some ladies are obedient and so lovely... "Yawning" and "mewing", these pussycats make their man feel like a fearful, omnipotent lion. Others are more aggressive, jiggly and go gaga over bantering their mascule… Just like the classic scenario with the mouse. 

Many times I think of this original combination: felines-females. And I find it very tantalizing.  
For this reason I do sensually propose you to glance at the following images. Hope they will bring you at least a pound of delight if not something more explosive…  

Enjoy wandering your eyes through this erotic gallery decorated with bombastic naked shapes and charming cats. Intended for you to visually appreciate this beauty and enjoy with great relish...


Photo Challenge - Solitude

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sleeping in Solitude...

That's the Sleeping Indian - a mountain in Wyoming. It resembles an Indian chief attired in a feather headdress, stretched out on his back.  Amazing sight!

For more photos on this topic, visit mountaingirl's blog.

A-Z Quiz

First of all I would like to thank diver for tagging me. It's enjoyable. Grazie, amico!
So, my ABC quiz looks like that:

Attached or Single? Attached.

Best Friend? My sister, Alina.

Cake or Pie? Cake with ice-cream or chocolate, caramel, vanilla, nuts, raisins, cherries or dried plums... hmmm! No fruits, no cinnamon, no whipped cream!!!

Day of Choice? A serene day of spring.

Essential Item? 2 of them. A wooden icon (see the picture below) gifted by one of my best friend and a pair of cute gold earrings gifted by my grandmother at my 18th anniversary. 

Favorite Color? Blue

Gummy Bears or Worms? Bears are ok.

Hometown? Chisinau.

Indulgence? Quite indulgent. 

January or July? July, no doubts. Vacation, sea, thin dresses, watermelon, beautiful tanned body, vivid colors...  great sights.

Kids? Not yet.

Life Isn’t Complete Without? Parents.

Marriage Date? A friend of mine who studies astrology told me that according to her predictions I will marry in 2011. Don’t know the exact date.

Number of Magazine Subscriptions? None. 

Orange or Apple? A glass of orange juice in my left hand and a red apple in the right one.

Phobia(s)? Height

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." Albert Einstein

Reasons to Smile? Oh yes - gazillions of them. I am lucky just like diver. Pets, they can disclose all my teeth in a jiffy.

Voila! And here I am smiling. The reason?! Have no idea. I am just happy and not greedy when it comes to smiles.

Season of Choice? Spring.

Tag Two ... Angel Bear and Marsho

Unknown Fact About Me? I suppose you don’t know that now I am in USA. A welcome wind of change. 

Vegetable? reckons I'm a 75% tomato, carrot and celery... In a nutshell - a salad with vitamins. Actually, I dislike carrots from all my heart. Tomato. That’s my favorite vegetable.
PS. Great site recommendation, diver!

Worst Habit? Too much confidence in people and sometimes I feel influenced.

X-Ray or Ultrasound? The second one, probably.

Your Favorite Food(s)? Broccoli with pasta, potatoes with sour cream and dill, Caesar salad, salmon with lemon and butter

Zodiac Sign? Sagittarius (Fire)

Have a great week end, my friends!
Best regards.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Paradise is always where love dwells.
Jean Paul F. Richter

Buddha’s 4 Noble Truths

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Life involves suffering and is inevitably sorrowful.

Suffering has its roots in desire and craving, which arise from ignorance.

The end of suffering comes with the cessation of desire.

Nirvana can be reached by the Noble Eightfold Path.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.

Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

They say people talk more about sex than engage in it. Especially now, with the access to the unlimited garden of the Internet chatting has grown just like yeast in warm, moist conditions.

Lots of people consider the virtual world as an erotic fantasy, in which you can evade just by one click. Passing through a beaten path of clicks and allusions many e-amateurs end up their dialogues with stripping themselves. You need minimum effort to find an e-partner with whom to trundle through the hollows of pleasure. One more snap on the click… and you leave him/her in the lurch and rush quickly in the bathroom without coming back and leaving at least an innocent feedback. Something like:
“Thank you, I’ve climaxed. Very noisily and foamy…! You were amazing!”

And as the advantage of the Internet is the speed, men are using it successfully. The matrix in their heads is already activated, trained and up-dated. They need just three affirmative answers to the following questions: “Do you have big boobs?”, “Do you perform oral sex?”, “You like it, yes…!?” A warm palm, one pop here, one more there and in a few minutes he’s already on the crest of the Big O!

Women, unfortunately, often remain disappointed. Especially those who can not reach for the Realm of Little Death without groans and whispers in the ears: “Ah! I want you…I kiss you… Oh yes! Just like that, on your suave neck… upper… Your tits smell of barberries…Hhmmm…” The truth is that men have neither time nor patience and habits to locate the “hill” on the keyboard.

Those men who are endowed with enough patience are precisely “equipped” with a sense of humor, too. And when his physically exhausted left hand will demand for a moment of piece after a few artisanal orgasms his right hand will throw a joke like this: “Ha! Look! I’ve found a lock inside your belly button!” Damn it! Never, none of the women hadn’t accepted and will never appreciate such a joke. Even though it is virtual. Even if it is said by a stranger. She’ll stay angry in front of the screen at least one month after the impact.

In a nutshell, the Internet hasn’t become yet a territory with equal rights when it comes to orgasms. E-sex is a game in which women lose. Probably because they search for more than a simple game…

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Silence is the true friend that never betrays.

A Sour Cream Has Redeemed Me Into Childhood!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Today, I've opened up a Daisy BRAND Sour Cream and a very warm smile fondled my face. I've found a simple phrase which imbued my mind with a dulcifying thought for that moment... I miss my friends...

The most precious thing one can make is a friend.

I like the policy of this company. A dollop of gratitude mixed up with a few instants of panacea for the soul is always bienvenue! For everybody! And I like their sour cream... For real! It feels and tastes like the one of Marusyca - the cow that me and my plump pink-cheeked friend used to feed, spoil, promenade and even milk 20 years ago. And that fat, yellowish consistence was 100.000.000 multiplied by n % natural!!!! It was ... FABULOUS! Marusyca was the most precious treasure my neighbor’s grandmother had. That obedient, beautiful cow brought money, food, happiness, warmth, care and peace in that house... While this sour cream, its taste and the pack's design has redeemed me into my innocent, playful, colorful childhood!
And that's cooooll!

“Once You Love Me, You Have to Trust Me, Honey!”

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How many of us were lovingly disarmed by this dulcifying phrase?

When you trust a man, you absorb almost everything. Every delicate touch, sensual glance, pleasant word, gentle gesture and even the most puzzled lie. You are like a sponge.

He comes home with his SHE LOOKED GOOD LAST NIGHT T-shirt’s inscriptions on his chest… Ohhh, poor man! Shame on you! Of course, he has put that garment on in a hurry this morning. The man is stressed and tensioned. He works hard. He has no time to spoil his eyes in the mirror as you permanently do.

Does he work on Saturdays and Sundays? Gee! Say thank you, darling, that your man has a job and pray that the global crisis and unemployment does not affect you, ok?

Didn’t he answer your calls today? Hmm, I wonder how you didn’t notice that. You don't care him at all! His cell phone discharged and turned off but right after the lunch he had an unplanned meeting… That’s called business, lady!

Did he promise he’ll come home this Saturday a little bit earlier than usual? Yes, you’ve planned to go to the theater at 17.00 o' clock. But woow!!! A magic moment happened! A fantastic wonder and coincidence! While driving home and thinking of "Romeo and Juliette" your be-be has noticed his old buddy Jackson walking sadly on the street… Do you remember that bald fellow from the faculty nicknamed RAMBO? You got it?! And they were so happy they met each other. They purred and span memories for a good piece of night in the club.

Why didn’t he give you a call to let you know whether he’s great? Oh, don’t be nervous and don’t cry like a goose in the station! You have to pardon him! He didn’t want to look like a bull under his spouse’ stiletto heel before Jackson… He didn’t want to look like the one who reports each further action to his wife. That’s not serious, don’t you think?

Hasn’t he pampered your erogenous zones for several months or so? Damn it! You think of absurdities and stupid things, woman! You see what happens if you don’t have anything to do?! A honest, decent wife is peacefully awaiting until the crisis vaporizes and then, after the recovery, she dares dream of instants of ecstasy.

And thus the wife is waiting.

Waiting and waiting until she realizes something. The past, with all those weird, freak, strange peculiarities suddenly makes sense. When she puts those tones closer to each other, like a puzzle, she finally understands that the crisis, that pitilessly tortures her man wears silicone boobs, has blonde cascading hair and a feminine name.

And see what happens now. A spectacular show of paradoxes. When the jealousy and the sense of ownership wake up in a woman, the relationship steps into a comic phase. It starts the reconquering of the man phase with the entire packet included. She quickly runs at the stylist and a few beauty saloons and then she halts for a moment at the church. She lights on a candle and cries with pain cursing his paramour (the f.. whore… How could she dare finger her husband?!!!!). Then she decides to go to the nearest fitness club and practice sport (for being more plastic and elastic when it comes to those new positions from Kama Sutra)… Then she changes her wardrobe and style of clothing, buys candles, romantic CDs and wears the sexiest lingerie she has ever had!

The fear that another woman could put the paw on her precious exemplar with testicles makes her go through the roof. And that makes her reason very, very smoky, ridiculous. She is 100 % sure that the culprit in here is the f… g whore, that young blonde, stinking prostitute… She carries out all the sins. That’s as clear as eggs is eggs.

But why do many women forgive men without the latter ones to apologize?

Perhaps for never implicating their spouses in awful situations. Even our grand-grand mothers knew and taught us that forgiveness for a man means humiliation. Poor them! They have to be PRO-TECTED. Just like Pandas or white tigers. While the mistresses must be LI-QUI-DA-TED!!! By all means!
PS. If speaking about cheating, I like this picture :)

Listen to Your Soul!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

On the first day of the 2009-th 365 days I wish all of us to have a wonderful year.

I mean filled with

Some will come true just by letting them occur. Others need more effort, assertiveness and a special approach…
I think if we would listen more attentively to our souls we will find out the right path for every wish to follow…

For those who need a moment of piece and meditation, here are some words of Neale Donald Walsch which are beautifully “imbued” with images and music…

"Some will be able to hear.
Some will be able only to listen.
Some will hear nothing."